June 20th 2019

Location: Alabaster 1, Marriott Hotel at Frankfurt

(Subject to change)
9:00 am
Dr. George Michelogiannakis
9:15 am
Quantum Computing: From Qubits to Accelerators
Prof Koen Bertels, TU Delft
10:00 am
The greatest challenges and opportunities in post-exascale programming
Dr Paul Carpenter, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
10:30 am
The European Processor Initiative
Dr Jean-Marc Denis, European Processor Initiative
11:00 am
11:30 am
Kokkos: Are We Prepared for Extreme Heterogeneity?
Dr Christian Trott, Sandia National Laboratories
12:00 pm
Programming with MPI in a Post-Exascale World
Dr Martin Schulz, Technical University of Munich
12:30 pm FPGA-based High-Performance Custom Computing based Data-flow Approach

Dr Kentaro Sano, RIKEN

1:00 pm