Workshop on HPC Computing in a Post Moore’s Law World (HCPM) 2019

Welcome to the third workshop of the series on HPC computing in a post Moore’s law world (HCPM)! This workshop will be held on June 20th in conjunction with the 2019 conference of the ISC high performance series, in Frankfurt Germany. Location and exact time to be announced.

The impending end of traditional MOSFET scaling has sparked research into preserving HPC performance improvements through alternative computational models. To better shape our strategy, we need to understand where each technology is headed and where it will be in a span of 20 years. This workshop brings together experts who develop or use promising technologies to present the state of their work, and spark a discussion on the promise and detriments of each approach. This includes technologies that adhere to the traditional digital computational model, as well as new models such as neuromorphic and quantum computing models.

This workshop features invited talks from established experts in the field and discussion time. Please refer to the program page!

We welcome experts from any field that drives our post Moore’s law future or will be affected by it.

Feel free to contact the chair with any questions, at “mihelog at lbl dot gov”.